Joseph Limbaugh

Hello. I’m Joseph Limbaugh.

Headshot I live in Hollywood, California, where I work as an actor, writer, and director.

I was North Hollywood's Hunk of the Month - May 2001.

My hobbies include:
Designing video games, writing and performing comedy, writing songs based on the elements of the periodic table, 3D art, animation, puppetry and puppet making, improvising and directing improvised shows, and establishing a stable hegemony and dominion over the earth.

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Recent News

Oct 26 - 2014

DOWNLOAD THIEVES!, a FREE print and play card game of hilarious deceit!

Take my comedy writing class ACME Actor's Studio

Go to CARTOON OVERLORD DOT COM and watch my cartoons!

And these for kids: SHARKY TRUE! (dot com)

Listen to the ZINC song! Also the CARBON song!

Watch a bit of my STAND UP ACT.

Check out my REEL and resume on Actor's Access.

IMDB has been updated with my swell info.